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Our world is about breaking technology and teaching the world about it. Our core mantra is Don’t learn to hack, #hack to learn


All our new students comes from trust and from our unique quality of training, live practical labs and review of existing students.


We use a multi-teamed approach; different skills for different parts of the job – just like the organised criminals do.

Real World, Performance-Based Manual Penetration Testing Certifications


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LIve Labs

Reward your information security career

Infosec Labs training although based on hands-on live practical training and offensive approach, our will give you in-depth knowledge of the applications in order to help you identify the vulnerability and exploit through our manual testing methodology and analysis source code, bypassing application firewalls, bypassing developers logic’s and so on against modern today’s application.

Infosec Labs certification, training, practical skills and experience are the top most important characteristics when selecting a candidate for a more advanced potions. Our certified professionals spend less time interviewing and more time driving values. Adding a Infosec Labs certification to your CV helps you stand out and get hired – faster.

Our hands-on live practical labs is an ideal way to gain the practical experience you need on today’s security vulnerabilities without the need to go invest in expensive equipment that will eventually just take up space in your house.

Infosec Labs hosted more than 4L live vulnerable application with various hidden vulnerabilities and hardcore techniques, students will learn many techniques, bypass methods and exploitation on real world applications. Students will test their skills while practise live challenges in each and every modules, chapters.

Infosec Labs Instructors are makers of blackhat leets, students will learn directly from our hackers. so student will get more techniques and knowledge of how to hack and how to defence. Our blackhat makers are found many major vulnerabilities more than 500+ big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, Redhat, CERT, Blackberry, Magento, AOL, AVG, ESET and so on.

Our blackhat makers mantra is Don’t learn to hack, #Hack to learn.

No multiple choice, No imaginary scenarios. Our examination is based on hands-on live practicals. The successfully examine will demonstrate their ability to finger print the web applications, found the vulnerability and successfully export them.

In exam, The candidate should required to a submit a penetration testing report, contain in depth vulnerabilities with brief description and proof of concept of finding vulnerabilities. Exam scores are awarded based on their finding vulnerabilities, servility level and finding methodology.

We are introducing, Womens in Cyber Security Scheme.
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