Official Training Policy

Training Policy

  • Candidate before taking course, should sign the Training and Exam Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Candidate should not skip class without any reasons. In case candidate need holiday, they should inform before a day to instructor through candidate portal.
  • Candidate should must practice time to time, each and every modules and chapters live challenges through LPT Labs.
  • If candidate not able to complete the task (live challenges), then candidate is not eligible to take next classes.

Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) for Training

Infosec Labs certification training requires candidates to accept the terms of a NDA before taking an training. The NDA legally requires candidates to keep information related to training content confidential. Requiring the acceptance of the NDA helps protect the security of Infosec Labs certification training and the integrity of the Infosec Labs certification program by legally discouraging piracy and/or unauthorised use of training content.

All Infosec Labs training, including the content and wording of training questions, constitute confidential Infosec Labs information and/or Infosec Labs copyrights that are protected by intellectual property laws. All candidates must agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which obligates them to maintain the confidentiality of Infosec Labs training before they can access an training. If an individual is caught violating the NDA, the candidate will be subject to action.

NDA Agreement : View More.

Payment Policy

  • A Candidate must pay course fee, before taking course.
  • If candidate can’t possible to pay full amount, candidate can pay in 2 terms.Before taking course, candidate must pay first term amount and after start course within 15 days of period should pay second term amount.
  • Once candidate paid the course fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non exchangeable.

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