Official Training

Training Delivery Methods

Infosec Labs are providing a range of delivery methods are offered to provide the relevant and most effective training. Infosec Labs training are available in a Classroom Based, Live Online, Private On-Site.

Classroom Based

Live Online

Private On-Site

Why Infosec Labs Official Training

Looking to get ahead in today’s competitive Information Security world? Now, more than,ever training’s and certifications are vital to fuel a successful career.

Infosec Labs certification training makes security professional more likely practical hands-on skills and to get hired. live demonstrate finding security vulnerabilities through manual testing and code review and clear business impact and advance their careers.

  • Learn the secrets of manual penetration testing in a totally hands-on live environment.
  • Learn how to exploit and defend real-world applications – not just silly sample code.
  • Intensive hands-on modules contain live examples.
  • Each and every modules and chapters after real-time live challenges.
  • Updated regularly to include trending techniques.

Authorized Infosec Labs Instructors (Makers of Blackhat Leets)

Infosec Labs Instructors are makers of blackhat leets, students will learn directly from our hackers. so student will get more techniques and knowledge of how to hack and how to defence. Our blackhat makers are found many major vulnerabilities more than 500+ big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, Redhat, CERT, Blackberry, Magento, AOL, AVG, ESET and so on. Our blackhat makers mantra is Don’t learn to hack, #Hack to learn.

Up to Date, Current, Courses-ware

The threat landscape for Penetration Testing changes on a near continuous basis. Bad guys wishing to attack applications know that they need to stay ahead of the curve in order to get in. So, Infosec Labs continuously Updates our all course ware to cover the latest security vulnerabilities, latest techniques and exploits and best mitigation strategies.

Continuing Education Scheme

Continue Education scheme will gives to students get up-to-date security skills and knowledge to keep abreast of the latest changes in technology that affects the ways security is viewed, deployed and managed.

Today’s credible organizations within professional security domain require their employees to provide evidence of a continuous learning and keep up-to-date security skills and knowledge as basis for maintains their certification values.

Students must be keep practice on our Live Penetration Testing Labs and earn credits for renewal your certification.

Get Hired And Be Skilled, Faster

Infosec Labs certification, training, practical skills and experience are the top most important characteristics when selecting a candidate for a more advanced potions. Our certified professionals spend less time interviewing and more time driving values. Adding a Infosec Labs certification to your CV helps you stand out and get hired – faster.

Make Noticeable Business Impact

Make your career to the next level. Infosec Labs certified professionals make immediate impact, helping you get noticed and move forward quickly in your career. Compared to their peers. Infosec Labs certified security professionals are 90% more productive and nearly 80% more efficient.

Getting Promoted

All Infosec Labs certifications helps establish both the professionalism and the competence of an employee and can help differentiate the employee form other candidates for a promotion or an opportunity.

Don't learn form security professionals, Learn directly from makers of blackhat leets.

- BALAJI | Founder & CEO of Infosec Labs